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With 100's of products across multiple lines, updating and creating product images was something that had to be done often.
Rather than photograph the actual product and cut it out in Photoshop, which took ~1 hour per product, I introduced a system that allows anyone with Photoshop, to quickly and easily update/create a product image.

  • First, I used 3D software (Blender) to create our product containers.
  • Then I took the container and rendered it inside of Adobe Dimension with and without a label. Dimension allows you to "snap" a graphic onto a container, which is what we wanted, but having to render the image each time was time consuming.
  • Using the rendered labeled container and a PDF of the label itself, I created a warped Smart Object in photoshop. Smart Objects allow you to replace the image, but keep the trasnformations done to it.
Now, in less than a minute, anyone can simply open up the Photoshop file and replace the Smart Object to update a label or make a new product!