Bronze Logo Plaque

Bronze Logo Plaque Bronze Logo Plaque Pic 1 Bronze Logo Plaque Pre-Patina Bronze Logo Plaque Wax Pre-Cast

Cast Bronze Plaque of my personal logo. Initially carved from wax, then cast in plaster. The plaster included a hole at the bottom and top and was completely buried in sand (except the top hole) prior to pouring the bronze. The molten bronze was poured in the top, which melted the wax (exiting out through the bottom hole) as it filled the mold. Afterwards: the plaster was chipped away, the rough bronze was touched up with a dremel, sandpaper, and metal files. I chose to make my logo smooth and leave the background rough in order to create contrast. A chosen patina was then applied, to both protect the bronze (from the oil from our hands for example) and to enhance its appearance.